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“The Neuroscience and Yoga Online Conference was fascinating. I expected to learn about the effects of yoga on the brain and nervous system, and this conference went well beyond my expectations! The presenters were extremely knowledgeable and graciously answered everyone’s questions. The yoga classes were not to be missed as they were taught by world class yoga masters.”


“It was a beautiful event and I was impressed with the quality of the content and the scientific approach. Because I'm based in the UK, I watched the live Saturday presentations at midnight but I must say, I stayed with you all the way to the end and I didn't want to leave! I was so happy to listen to the modern voice of yoga. Thank you very much for that and I'm looking forward to more.”  

“First of all, thank you so much for this wonderful conference. I had no idea that it was going to be so good! :)) I found an amazing community to stay in touch, share and collaborate with in the future. I truly hope the conference will continue further into the future. Again, thank you so much, what an honour!”  

Each presenter was fantastic. I appreciate so much the amount of work each put into their time with us, both in answering questions and the presentations themselves.” 

“The Neuroscience and Yoga Online Conference was truly exceptional because of the quality and inclusivity. Although presentations and classes were given by leading researchers and practitioners in their given fields, information and movement were accessible and shared with clarity and warmth. I would recommend the conference to those coming from any background and all levels of interest and expertise in both neuroscience and yoga. The conference was extremely well-organized, easy to follow, and a fantastic opportunity to learn and make connections.”   

“For those beginning to teach, this is the sort of information often missing from 200 level teacher training programs. Too often claims are made in yoga without a scientific basis. This conference should be a requirement for those wishing to receive a teacher training certificate. Attending is also likely to motivate you to continue learning what the evolving science has to saw about the practice of yoga.”  

“This was such an insightful and informative event! I managed to follow all presentations available, and took so many notes that I will now have another semi-conference on my own, catching up with everything as I go over the notes preparing to apply the knowledge gained to my yoga classes. I'm completely honest when I say that there were so many golden nuggets in there, and as a yoga teacher myself, I got to learn about the scientific aspects of fear, pain, brain functions and more, which I take as an enrichment to my teaching. There should be more of that during Yoga Teacher Trainings! I also want to mention that all the knowledge was accessible, and even as a person who is very new to neuroscience, I got to understand the presenters' research thanks to their way of explaining it. I also got inspired to read up on their other research studies, and am currently doing that! I would most definitely attend another Neuroscience and Yoga Online Conference.”

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Topics include:

Introductory Material (what is neuroscience? what is yoga? how do you find and read a scientific paper?) 

Yoga + Child Development (school performance, ADHD, self-regulation) 

Yoga + Brain Aging (dementia and chronic disease risk factors, sleep, and anxiety) 

Yoga + Addiction (mechanisms, recovery)

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